Italian Study Centre of Geomatics

CSIG Ltd (Italian Study Centre of Geomatics) is a spin-off company of the Molise University established in 2011 and based in Pesche (Italy). The operational premises of the Company are at the University Department of Biosciences and Territory. University researchers and fellows are partners or regular collaborators of CSIG.

CSIG is a Laboratory of Geomatics for the development of applications of Earth Observation (EO) and Geographical Information Systems (GIS) in the sector of environment and forest.

CSIG is born for sharing experiences, methodologies and information about technical and scientific EO and GIS research.

The company is concerned with carrying out services, studies, surveys and investigations on forests, natural resources and rural areas in general for several agencies, national and local authorities, research bodies, university institutions.

In the last years CSIG collaborated to the production of the management plans of n. 53 Natura 2000 areas in the Molise Region.

They carried out studies on forest stands using LiDAR data (Airborne LiDAR) and they worked at the development of multiscale monitoring models of Ecosystem Services in Mediterranean forest (MIMOSE project).

URBEM – URBan Environment Management
GEO-K s.r.l

Italian Study Centre of Geomatics

CSIG collaborated in the LIFE+ Nature project

"Monitoring of insects with public participation" (MIPP), where they implemented the project web-site and a web-tool for the data collection. In the field of training and education CSIG organized a cycle of seminars on “Analysis and governance of Ecosystem Services"